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Community Building Ministries

These areas of ministry at Holy Disciples promote a growing sense of community in our parish by providing occassions for socializing and celebrating together and/or opportunities for sharing faith and supporting one another on the journey.

If you are interested in learning more about a particular ministry, contact the parish office.



 These volunteers staff the kitchen and serve the coffee and donuts after the Sunday morning Masses. Involves preparation beforehand and time for cleanup afterward. This is a very family friendly ministry.



 This group of volunteers strives to make all people feel welcomed into our community by promoting fellowship and a sense of family in the parish. They are the experienced food handlers in the kitchen and graciously offer their expertise to other parish groups who ask for their help. Volunteers in this ministry can set their own hours: they are not required to participate at every event. On-the-job training is provided. Open to adults.



The efforts of these volunteers enable our parish to celebrate the diverse ethnic and cultural traditions within our community. They organize and sponsor several significant events during the year: la Fiesta Guadalupana, Simbang Gabi, Saint Patrick’s Day, Pentecost, etc.. The monthly meetings usually take place around a meal and are themselves a celebration of community life in our parish. Come! Join the fun! Open to children as well as adults (ages 8-80+).



Help our community practice the traditional Lenten disciplines of fasting, almsgiving and prayer. Join the crew that organizes these Friday Night Soup Suppers. This is one of the ministries that families can do together.


A NEW CHAPTER  (Widows and Widowers)

 Tis is a loosely organized peer ministry designed to assist widows and widowers as they adjust to life without their beloved spouses. THe group gathers for informal discussions around dinner at a resturant, or perhaps at ath parish for an evening of prayer and conversation. Watch the Sunday Bulletin for announcements about their next event.



 This group meets in the parish nursery on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 9:30am to talk, pray, and otherwise support each other as Catholic parents while thier children play together. Moms, dads, and all cargivers of children under school age are welcome.



Flowing from our experience with Living the Eucharist and Good News People, this ministry enables 8-12 committed people to regularly gather to reflect on aspects of our Catholic Faith. Groups meet in private homes for 1-2 hours each week, bi-weekly, or monthly. Trained facilitators use approved materials to lead the groups. (See “Small Group Facilitator” on the Religious Education/Faith Formation page) Responsibility for hosting the gatherings is usually rotated among the group members.



People who are new to our parish recieve a warm and personal welcome from these volunteers as they visit the newcomers in their own homes. (No "cold calls" .. every family is contacted beforehand and asked if they would like to be visited.) Each new family is given information aobut Holy Disciples and every member is invited to become involved in the parish life. The visit ends with a request for prayer intentions.  This is a good ministry for couples who want a ministry in which they can serve together. Training and support provided.



In this ministry, after Mass, while staffing the desk you have the opportunity to actively listen and communicate as you welcome guests, provide information about parish programs, assist with registration forms, and provide referrals to parish staff and others in leadership positions.


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