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Parish Leadership Ministries


This Commission is an advisory group to the Pastor in providing leadership, direction, and encouragement for the apostolic and spiritual development of the parish. Commission members help create and implement a plan for the future of the parish by discerning the needs and priorities of the community and identifying the gifts and charisms within the parish that are required to meet those needs. Members serve a three year term. Appointment by Pastor required.


Members of the Finance Council meet regularly to  review parish finances and advise the Pastor regarding stewardship of the parish’s financial resources. They work together with members of the parish staff to create measurable financial goals and plans, to develop and monitor budgets,  to track the actual monthly income and expense, and to maintain regular communication with the parish at large.


The Justice in Action Commission is committed to actively living Gospel values embodied in Catholic social teaching through advocacy, education, and consciousness raising within the parish and wider community. They sponsor events such as the "Work of Human Hands" sale during Advent, featuring fair trade goods imported from individuals in developing nations. The group assists with the annual trip to Olympia for "Catholic Advocacy Day", addressing the concerns of those living in poverty and other groups whose "voice" is not always heard.


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